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My name is Kim Seonghyeon, Graduate student of Depeartment of Sociology at Yonsei University.

My main research interests are group dynamics and political decisions, with mathematical and computational methodologies. But what I'm fascinated with is methodological or theoretical issues rather than specific topics. My ultimate research goal is applying mathematical and computational methods to real word issues, in the meta theoretical framework of analytical sociology.

My general interests are:

  • Mathematical modeling of social phenomena
  • Sociophysics and statistical mechanics.
  • Statistics, especially bayesian statistics.
  • Machine learning. (I think almost every people interested in machine learning these days. Isn't it?)
  • Computational methods, namely, agent based modeling.
  • Psychology. My undergraduate major was psychology, and did some neuroimaging analysis during short lab experiences. I really love it, but, anyway, I'm in the another disciplines… (I have no dissatisfactions about psychology.)
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